Adventure in the lower Himalayas: U S Campsite at Shivalik Hills (USC)

Living and enjoying a life in the outdoors has its own flavors and benefits. Having done this over decades across the world, in 2009 when my buddy Vishal shared his dream to set up a Campsite in Himachal Pradesh, was an exciting idea to see this come up in India. What a enriching journey it has been to actually see it come about over the years. Its been a fun ride to say the very least, building it up as part of team-USC to army specs and then strategize further development year on year. Idea is now to share our experiences with as many students in India across all age groups, and host national and international visitors each year. USC are hosts to many school camps, and the Miss Himachal pageant.

USC dream took off in 2016 with a outdoors survival course to a dozen participants – the humble beginnings of what is today the U S Campsite. Its been a amazing journey since. USC has had very many events hosted along the way, the highlight – two Ultra marathon events each year – The Kangra X-Country run and The Shivalik Ultra run incorporated in 2017, and there has been no turning back since….

Drawing inspiration from the rural landscapes and Shivalik hills, the campsite offers room and board facilities for up to a 100, including a luxury glamping tent. A hoard of land and water based activities are conducted, not limited to White water rafting, River crossing, Cliff jumping, Paragliding, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Survival, Navigation, Living off the land, Yoga and Wellness, etc. Also Un-Armed Combat, Leadership offsites, HR & team building sessions. It’s an ideal location for running, cycling and motorbike groups. All our staff, trainers & coach are extremely well accredited nationally. We strive to provide the best campsite adventure experiences!

Providing the best in safety, hospitality there are a lot of tourism spots in the lower Himalayas around the campsite. The key is to now expose citizens to all these activities and sensitize them to a life in the outdoors.

Please find the brochure and a warm welcome to everyone from the team at U S Campsite. Join us soon for fun, adventures in the lower Himalayas and Shivalik forests. Enjoy a sneak peek!

A life of travel and adventure!
Welcome 94.3 FM: About U S Campsite
Getting to USC for Shivalik Ultra Run
USC – A unique set up in Shivalik Forests.

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